sherrypeck19825 (la_luna_bella82) wrote in makeup_sluts,

A.V.O.N. Is Recession Proof!

Hi! How are you? My name is Sherry and I am Now An AVON representative! I did a search here on Livejournal to find Avon customers and other Avon Reps so I can network with them.

My hope is not only to find new customers, but ALSO to network with other Reps in hopes of making new friends and maybe a few pointers on how to make this business work.  :D

If you're an Avon customer and would like me to be your representative, please check out my website at:

If you are a fellow Avon representative, please accept my friendship request and if you want, you can add me on myspace as well (whether you're a customer or a rep):
( you'll need my email to add me: )
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