kistbyfaeries (kistbyfaeries) wrote in makeup_sluts,

well my friends and i went clubbing, it was my first time and i have to
say that i really really like it!  it was goth night so we tried
our best...but what can you say we're a bunch of geeks, lol

  my friend greg

my friend paul

old picture of me just in case u wanted to see, the hair is no longer red and long

everyone said he looked like the greenday guy, which was my inspiration
and tallent (well personally i dont think it looks like him but oh well)

paully pocket did his own makeup and got over zealous and broke what was left of my eyeliner.

this was my inspiration:

this is what it looked like:

these were taken before we got there

this is what it looked like at the end, it stayed on pretty well

in all it was a great night it was fun, we made an amanda sandwich it was great!
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