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I'm such a slut for makeup [entries|friends|calendar]
Slut for Makeup

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Have you met mark? [25 Apr 2010|11:32am]



See special deals on mark skincare, cosmetics and fashion.  FREE shipping on every $25 order by using code WELCOME at checkout.  Become a fan on Facebook and be entered to win FREE products every month as well as specials offers and savings: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saint-Charles-IL/making-my-mark/103554059682728?ref=nf

You can also host an internet party and earn 15% of the sales toward FREE cosmetics of your choice.  Ask me how!

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Making My Mark [28 Mar 2010|06:41pm]


TONS of great sales for April starting Tuesday March 30th!  Including Mother's Day specials.

Visit my Facebook page to see them all!  (You do not have to be a member of FB to view them)

Also, I have a FB special going on.  Become a fan of my new FB page and be entered to win a pack of Shine Blotters!

Gift Certificates are also available.

See my Mark shop for a full product listing.
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Need money for summer sale! :) [15 Mar 2010|09:46pm]

Hey everyone!

I'm look to clear out some stuff to get some money for summer! I want to get some new summer clothes/makeup and also need a dress for a wedding! Help me out if you see anything you like! :)

Clothes etc..


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Mark Sale, a division of AVON [11 Mar 2010|08:15am]

I have a pretty cool sale on some items at egarza.mymarkstore.com/ . 
Look at the ABOUT ME page for monthly specials.

Calming Effect Milk Cleanser *
Normally priced at $8. My offer: $6

Calm Yourself Hydrating Mask *
Normally Priced $8, My offer: $6.50

Calm and Composed Moisturizer *
Normally priced $16, My offer: $14

Buy all three for $20!!

Juice Gems lip gloss, buy 2 get 1 FREE
$6.50 each

Flip For It in urban neutral only $18
Contains 2 eyeshadows, 2 lip colors, 2 lip glosses and 1 blush

Get A Tint tinted moisturizer $8

To receive the above specials you must order directly through me, not my webstore.  S/H $5 anywhere in the US/Canada.  Orders must be received by March 20th.  Please email your orders and color choices to DharKen@ymail.com with your contact information and I will contact you for payment arrangements.  I will take cash, check, money order or Paypal.


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I <3 makeup! [08 Jan 2010|12:21am]

--- Lovely Android Cosmetics ---

Foundation --- Blush --- Eyeshadow

Use coupon code BLOG to receive 25% off!
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Savings on beauty, toiletries, fashion and gifts - plus win your mortgage or rent paid for a year [07 Dec 2009|06:32pm]

We all need to save money during the credit crunch, but there's no need to compromise on quality to have an affordable festive season. Choose Avon for holiday shopping without the money worries. We have a wide range of gifts for all the family at fantastic prices. Plus we have recession-busting savings on all your beauty and bathroom essentials.

Just a few of the items available:

Visit my store today for savings on make-up, fragrance, skincare, toiletries and haircare, plus loads of exclusive fashion and gifts. Look out for our diamond-quality jewellery, beautiful lingerie and nightwear, designer fragrances and more.

We also have exclusive items from top brands like Playboy, Oasis, Morgan, Storm, Antler, High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Ben 10.

Plus you could win your mortgage or rent paid for a year, and get exclusive discounts and rewards.

For one day only - get 10% off all orders over £50.

Click here to visit the store.

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Blog Sale [19 Sep 2009|09:59pm]

Hey everyone

Come and check out my blog for a small makeup sale!

Great prices, but haggling still welcome.

Shipping to US and Canada.

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Blog Sale [21 Aug 2009|11:06pm]

Hey everyone!

I'm new to the community and want to invite you to my blog sale!!

Haggling welcome :)


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Credit crunch savings on all your beauty and bathroom essentials plus fashion, gifts and much more [22 Aug 2009|10:38pm]


Hundreds of high quality items including make-up, fragrance, skincare, anti-ageing products, toiletries, haircare, lingerie, nightwear, jewellery, watches, bags/purses, toys and men's products. 

Over 50 brand new items just added.

Exclusive discount prices - sale ends Tuesday.

Click here for more.
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Avon make-up sale [01 Aug 2009|06:32pm]


Avon Make-up Sale: All the make-up you need at exclusive discount prices.  Visit my store today and see how much money you could save.  There are over 100 high-quality make-up products including:

Our new Smooth Minerals make-up is good for your skin and gives you a naturally flawless look with a barely-there feel.  The lightweight formulas are made with 100% natural pigments and are free from dyes, talc, preservatives and fragrance. 

Our amazing SpectraColour Lipstick is the first ever lipstick that lets you click through seven shades.  The innovative dial-up tube contains two creamy colours that combine to create seven shades in one. The smooth, high-shine colour lasts for hours, has a moisturising feel and a lush vanilla scent.  Complete the look with our unique SpectraLash Mascara, the only mascara that lets you click through three levels of volume.  

My prices are all at least 10% less than regular Avon prices.

Click here for more.

Also available at my store: More make-up, jewellery, watches, lingerie, pyjamas, fragrance, skincare, anti-ageing products, toiletries, haircare, sun products, men's products and more.
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Pore Minimizers/ Cleansers, Lip gloss, Lip balm, Bath & Body, save up to 65% (Summer Sale) [05 Jul 2009|02:44pm]


There are quite a few items, so instead of posting each and jamming up the community,

I am going to put them all in this post under several LJ cute so please check them all out.


Im Now An AVON representative!
Shop my Online AVON store & enjoy free shipping.

NOTE: Avon maintains my website and it is on their secure server.

WARNING: If ANY site, that claims to be an Avon website, asks you for your SSN or TAX ID -->

*run for your life*.

No authentic AVON website will ask a customer for a social security number or tax id number.

Moisturizers, Exfoliators, & Serums that are HOT right now:Collapse )
PORE Minimizers & Cleansers Are A MUST! :DCollapse )

Items I Have Sitting In Boxes At My Home Because The People Who Ordered Them Never Showed Up To Pay For Them Or Pick Them UpCollapse )

OTHER ITEMS FOUND ON THE AVON SITE: avon, makeup, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, wrinkle reducer, pore minimizer, pore cleanser, lipstick, lip gloss, lip color, skin softener, skin so soft, cologne, perfume, shoes, body powder, ANEW, age defying, pedicure, pumis stone, mnail clipper, manicure, emery board, cuticle pusher, aftershave, lotion, body cream, deodorant, anti-perspirant, BBQ tools, hand tools, garden supplies, dishes, untensils, candles, lip gloss, lip balm, lip color, lipstick, chapstick

NOTE: May be cross posting to communities that allow adverts and sales. THX!

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4th of July AVON Clearance Sale! Save Up To 65% [30 Jun 2009|05:11pm]

Sherry Peck916-372-5534 email: sherrypeck19825@att.net Shop my store: http://youravon.com/sherrypeck
*FREE STANDARD SHIPPING available for any domestic shipping address. Hawaii and Alaska will be charged $15 surcharge for any hazardous materials such as nail enamel, fragrance, aerosols and some skin cleansers. Offer does not apply to Next-Day or Express Shipping methods. Offer valid only for orders submitted through the website with direct delivery shipping. Please note, Avon does not ship Internationally or to the Islands.

NOTE: Will possibly cross post to communities that will allow advertising for makeup.

TAGS:  _________________ avon, summer, 4th of July, Save up To 65%, makeup, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, chapstick, bath and body, shower gel, perfume, cologne _________________

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20% off the complete Avon product range - beauty, toiletries, fashion and much more [22 Jun 2009|09:42pm]


3 day sale - an extra 20% off everything until midnight on Tuesday.

Avon sells a wide range of exclusive, innovative, award-winning, high-quality products. We have all the makeup, skincare, anti-ageing products, toiletries and haircare you could ever need, all at amazing low prices. Look out for our designer fragrances and the new SpectraColour Lipstick and SpectraLash Mascara - as seen on TV. And find the perfect accessories for any occasion from our range of over 120 fashion items including jewellery, watches, lingerie, pyjamas, pags/purses and more.

I just lost my job and selling Avon provides my only income so I urgently need sales. Please just have a look at the products available. You might find the perfect gift for a friend or treat for yourself. Or you might simply discover how much money you can save on the daily essentials you have to buy.

You can buy anything from the entire Avon product range at my store, including over 100 items that are not on the official site right now. My prices are all 20% cheaper than the official site and my shipping costs are cheaper too.



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Avon Make-Up Sale [09 Jun 2009|01:18pm]


Avon make-up sale at my store, including the new SpectraColour Lipstick and SpectraLash Mascara. These unique, versatile products are great value for money and convenience.

My prices are all at least 10% cheaper than regular Avon prices and my shipping costs are cheaper than the official site.  The complete Avon product range is available.

Selling to earn a living for my family while I am unemployed.

Click here for more Avon make-up.
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A.V.O.N. Is Recession Proof! [05 Jun 2009|02:28pm]

Hi! How are you? My name is Sherry and I am Now An AVON representative! I did a search here on Livejournal to find Avon customers and other Avon Reps so I can network with them.

My hope is not only to find new customers, but ALSO to network with other Reps in hopes of making new friends and maybe a few pointers on how to make this business work.  :D

If you're an Avon customer and would like me to be your representative, please check out my website at: http://sherrypeck.avonrepresentative.com/

If you are a fellow Avon representative, please accept my friendship request and if you want, you can add me on myspace as well (whether you're a customer or a rep):
( you'll need my email to add me: Sherry_L_Peck_1982@hotmail.com )
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mod [27 Jul 2006|11:31am]

Havent posted in a long time, have a few looks to showcase

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[12 Mar 2006|10:18pm]

Cool commy. Here's one of my works:

It's myself as a BtVS vampire.

Next time I'll post some of my more traditional work :D
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MOD [27 Feb 2006|11:24am]

people please post stuff! i dont like being the only one.
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[04 Feb 2006|08:15pm]

Thursday night clubbing, stupid, but really really fun!!Collapse )
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MOD [20 Sep 2005|01:37pm]



the colors aren't true to life :(Collapse )

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